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toronto 647 702 4460

shanghai 186 1661 0301

TV Spots /  Director & Editor

TV Spots / Director

TV Series /  Director (& Editor / 30 episodes)

Name:Pulse Shanghai

Format: Magazine/Spotlight

Episode: 208 x 22mins

Films and Corporates / Director, Editor & Videographer

Mike Calla

Toronto 647-702-4460

Toronto, Canada

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                Seeking work in TV production within a TV network, agency, production house, or company in which I can utilize my creative skills in visual                         storytelling, while contributing to a team; to learn and grow within the industry


Qualification Summary

                • Deep knowledge of videography and camera production/preproduction/post-production workflows, camera codecs, editing codecs, colour                         and bit depth deliverables for broadcast, rendering for web

                • Skilled in lighting, from using single sources to full studio or location lighting

                • Strong background in location audio, mic placement with lav, shotgun, as well as studio situations; location audio mixing

                • Extremely proficient editor, with a critical understanding of storytelling, experience in editing TV spots, corporates, docs, and factual                                 TV series 

                • Strong talent in post production audio mixing

                • Excellent ability to define a workflow from script to screen

                • Dynamic team-player with a strong ability to work independently, professional, relaxed, cheerful

                • Proven high abilities to be efficient, multi-tasker, dependable & reliable

                • Excellent writing and oral skills, observant, keen on details, goal oriented

                • Experienced videographer, producer and director

                • Decade+ experience of working in client driven creative industries

                • Knowledge of rendering broadcast master deliverables: ie videotape or file formats, audio mixing and channel allocation such as Lt/Rt, mix                       minus narration, m&e


Work Experience


Dec 2000 – Present, Shanghai, China (Toronto 2000 – 2005)

Videographer/Editor/Director/Producer: Box Outside Media (

                • Coordinate and communicate with director, producer, client, or agency during pre-production, production, post- production and delivery

                • See through projects from conception to the handover of deliverables

                • DOP and videographer, utilizing the latest Canon C series and Sony FS and F series broadcast cameras, plus vast knowledge of Canon                           DSLRS

                • Light the talent/set/location as required

                • Record audio

                • Edit projects on AVID, PPro, FCP, Vegas, and AE

                • Post audio mixing and mastering; music composing

                • Edit TV spots, corporates, TV series, promotional videos, full length documentaries and mini-docs


Dec 1998 – June 2000, Toronto Canada

Repair Technician: CBC

                • Assist in maintaining and repairing cameras, tape machines, lighting and grip equipment


Sept 1995 – Jan 1998, Toronto, Canada

Assistant Audio Engineer: Kensington Studios

                • Prepare / recall recording and mixing sessions in line with the lead recording engineer’s preference of the audio mixing console

                • Set up microphones for recording sessions

                • Help set up and troubleshoot audio equipment

                • Lead Engineer for “after hours” recording sessions


Software/Hardware Skills


                Cameras: Canon C500, C300, C100, Canon XF305 XF300, Sony F3, F100/700, Canon DSLRs, magic lantern

                Audio Location: Lav and Shotgun, Digital Audio recorders

                Editing: Avid MC5, PPro, FCP, Vegas Pro 12, After Effects

                Grading and Colour: Magic Bullet Colorista, Looks

                Audio Post and Multi-tracking / Midi & Loop Composing / Editing and Clean-Up: Sony Acid Pro 7, Sound Forge basic Protools skills




Sept 1998 – June 2000

International Academy of Design – CBC Studios Campus, Toronto

Digital Film Production Diploma